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I get a lot of the same questions from users on how the syntax works, and usually I just refer them to ProPokerTools documentation on the. My search for a way to help the community is continued. Since my poker skills are widely doubted - even by myself - I feel discussing software. Hey guys, What kind of exercises do you recommend doing on pro poker tools? I currently just use it to input flops and see how that connects. The time now is May I be your 'deputy'? For instance, here is the graph of a pair of sixes vs. My search for a way to help the community is continued. Smart bots Obv they should be used for building hand charts only as their use at real tables is frowned upon I'm not talking about iPoker atm. ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation. No further comments can be added.

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ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Not only. So imho some cardinal measures should be taken to make Oracle's preflop charts useful and therefore raise its commercial attractiveness. Hand Chart Suggestions th post Towards a More Meaningful Ordering of Hands tl;dr th post As you might know, the current ProPokerTools hand charts are too simplistic to reflect the real playability of hands. ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Not only. Obviously this can be applied to a much wider array of circumstances wherein with much practice away from the tables one may be able to accurately ish deduce these kinds of questions on the fly.

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ProPokerTools Odds Oracle Overview RR combos and 0. Video on PokerJuice Syntax Video on Odds Oracle Syntax. Switch to Hybrid Mode. For omaha, it's more like a few days on a fairly beefy multi-core machine. How do you put single suited aces suited to the ace in PPT. Find More Posts by lifes3ps. Btw could Dan tell us how long his Evolution program ran? propoker tools I just think that their pricing is on the higher side to be honest. Originally Posted by Pistachio. Propokertools question about Omaha Maybe the wrong forum, but maybe someone can help me. Propokertools question about Omaha and also what do these mean? Send a private message to Pistachio. Classic Syntax Here are a few quick notes for those of you who have made extensive use of the classic ProPokerTools range of hands syntax:

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Thanks for help So now Im trying to figure out how many combos of AA someone can have if we have an A not AA preflop and if we dont have an ace preflop http: It seems like PPT developers left the possibility for external program to run scripts through theirs. Please understand that when you write View Hand BB: Be the first to add a comment. Here is another example: Please feel free to comment on feasibility of these approaches in replies thanks! ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Changing the 0. I am confused when giving villain a combined range and the combos that are shown when using mouse over the syntax. I suspect that with a game like omaha we would need a very large set of observations slots gratis pharaohs fortune we could have much confidence in our ranking versus any particular player. Use the Spreadsheet Tool to run a large number of queries, such as Equities for every hand on a given board And much more! The last wms chemnitz days have seen increase in SSPLOers' confessions of being ' PPT fish' so I've decided to start a 'calculator literacy campaign' specifically for SSPLOers because I wouldn't gain much action itt in other places. Page 1 of 3. There should ideally be a slizzing hot game for hands I open-raise with, another I over-call a limp with, another I 3-bet with, another for steal-raise. Two Plus Two Authors Book Translations Abbreviations Feedback Advertising Info Privacy Notice Terms and Conditions Poker Books at Professional Poker Forum Archives. It was a bad idea as always, but I've been lacking good ideas recently.

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